I Sold You, You Sold Me

My lady sold me
Down the road for half of what
I was worth. I got

So mad, I worked twice
As hard, and returned one cold
Night. I bought her up,

And sold her to the
Ugly one eyed Gus she hates.
I had a laugh, but

Got to thinking, went
To fetch her back, But Gus said
“Get to hell!” So I

Started drinking, spent
My money, and ended up
In jail. Two long years,

And she shows up with
A coin purse in her hand and
A wicked grin. I

Couldn’t guess what she
Had in mind, I was so glad
To see her. We killed

Old Gus, and took his
Land, and made a pretty
Penny. Now here we

Sit, and she gets that
Look in her eye again. I
Know I’m on sale soon.

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