Cloak of Invisibility

With this cloak I did
Accomplish feats of daring,
Legendary. Now

Home in Hobbiton,
The cloak rests, safely locked in
Chest with my sword, Sting.

Yet when I visited
With friends, the queerest feeling
Did befall me. For

It was as if I
Still wore the cloak. For though I
Was present, faded

In their eyes was I.
I was seen, not recognized.
My footfalls, muffled,

My scent, neutralized.
Even Samwise did pass me on
The street; I had to

Shout to catch his ear.
Finally, Gandalf collected
Me, and Hobbiton

I left. No place was
There for me any longer.
The mighty needed

A burglar, and when
The quest was done, the burglar,
Discarded, alone.

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