William Wild

She awoke me with a kiss, smiling. She beckoned me, blue fire dancing in her eyes. 

I stood, wearing only my drawers. I looked around at my comrades, all sleeping. None stirred. I took my shirt and my britches and put them on. I stuck my feet into my boots. I walked behind her as she led me down a path into the forest, next to a river. She held my hand and she smelled of fire, sweat, and spice. She leaned close to me and I felt the hot breath from her small mouth.

“You are very handsome,” she whispered.

“You speak my language?”

She nodded. “I am Jebea.”

“I’m William.”

I put my hands on her shoulders, and I beheld her. The moon shone and reflected off the river, throwing pale light onto us. Her hair was long and dark. Her eyebrows arched and her chin was round and strong. Her smile was bewitching. I had never known a woman.

She reached back and pulled a tie on her dress. Her breasts were white and beautiful and I felt a rush of emotion. She was like porcelain, so vulnerable, so pure. She leaned forward and pulled down my britches and drawers; I stepped out of my boots. I pulled my shirt over my head, and we were together, nude, as if we both just been born, or newly created.

She kissed me, her tongue playing into my mouth. I stroked her long dark hair, I circled my hands around her ribs, tracing the line of her spine down to her perfectly heart shaped arse.

She took my hand and pulled me towards the ground. She kneeled, then leaned onto her hands and knees, and motioned me toward her arse. I brought my cock close to it, and she reached back and tucked me into her bush. It was like nothing I ever felt before. Smooth and fast, like if she was wrapping me in her arms and washing me. I leaned back on my heels, and grabbed her tits. We went faster and faster, until I burst, and she cooed, like a small bird, and giggled.

She stood and dressed quickly. The blue flame still flickered in her eyes. I looked down, and the flames wrapped my hands. She pointed up at the twins, the one we followed to get here, and she pointed at me and said “you,” and herself, “me.” She walked slowly into the river, in the moonlight, and disappeared. I dressed and sat on the bank, watching the moon and the river. Then I walked slowly back to the camp.

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