Hero’s Journey

Superhero attributions of the hero’s journey:

Black Bolt: Ain Soph Aur, Zero as point of possible vibration. Luke: Aleph, Knight Errant, Fool. Kingdom Come Flash: Beth, Messenger, Magus, Prometheus. X-Man: Secret Seed, Yod.

Marvel Girl: Gimel, the Virgin. Storm: Daleth, the Wife. Shuri: He, the Mother.

Darth Vader: Kaph, All Father, 3 in One, Wind and Water and Fire in the Whirlings of War, Demiurge, Apocalypse: Tzaddi, the Ruler, Superman: Vau, the Priest, the Son.

Sunfire and Iceman: Zain, the Twins emerging; Hulk and Thing: Resh, the Sun, (playing) Horus and Seth; Thor and Loki: Pe, the Crowned and Conquering children emerging from the womb.

Leia: Cheth, the Grail, Chariot of Life; Invisible Woman: Samekh, the Pregnant Womb preserving Life; Captain Marvel: Lamed, the Woman justified by Yod

Gozer: Teth, the Act of Power, she who rules the secret power of the universe; Beast and Dazzler: 156+ 666, Beast and Scarlet Woman

Captain America: Mem, the Redeemer in the Waters, the Redeemer drowned in the (womb) flood. The secret is hidden between the waters that are above and the waters that are beneath. Crossbones: Nun, Putrefaction of athanor. Initiation is guarded on both sides by death. Cyclops: A’ain: Erect and proud, exalted Phallus. Secret of generation is death. Mystique: the Witch, stagnant Yoni, womb seething in physiologic upset as Sun sleeps. Illusion initiates disorder.

Ghostbusters Ray and Peter: Shin, God and Man as Twins from Nuit and Hadit. Resurrection is hidden in death. Batman: the Slain God. The System. The Universe as hexagram.

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