Cain is back and I
Don’t want him to stay. Always
He ruins my life.

Can’t I simply live
My life without his constant
Threat of disorder?

Won’t someday I be
Free of his mark? Contending
With him drains me dry.

I need a drink or
Ten. Wash away this filth from
Me, leave me alone.

Ham and Noah

Dad got drunk last night.
I saw his real face. Ugly,
Petty, cruel; oh, so small.

Pretend like nothing
Happened. That’s what we always
Do. I can’t; no.

I’m burning up. To
Keep silent will be a chain
On my children’s necks.

Ever bound to do
What he did, whether they want
To or they do not.

I refuse to serve,
To perpetuate this lie;
I will go, alone.