June’s New Sex Kitten, Leyla, Ch. 4

The moment that Leyla heard the trigger phrase, I could see a change come over her. Her trembling stopped. It was replaced with a slow, undulating wave rippling from her back to her hips, her buttocks and thighs.

“You bitch, are you going to stick it in or are you going to make me beg for it?” Leyla sneered.

Hilda, ever the seasoned pro, seemed caught off guard by the change. “Uhhh, I am just searching your head now, ma’am.”

“Well, go nuts, hot shot. Listen, you never told me your name. If we’re going to be intimate like this, I should at least know your name.”

“It’s Hilda, ma’am.”

“Call me Leyla from now on, all right?” She slowly put one knee up on the table, and then the other, folded her hands under her head, flexed her hips, and thrust her ass up in the air. 

“Could you sit up for me?”

“You do a lot of strip searches with body cavity inspections as a security guard for a cosmetics firm?” Leyla smirked as she pushed herself up and arranged herself cross legged on the table, facing Hilda, looking in her right in the eyes, her pussy spreading. 

“I do enough. I’m going to inspect your scalp now.” Leyla leaned her head forward, and Hilda ran her gloved fingers through Leyla’s long dark hair. She moved her neck and shoulders sensually, biting her lip and closing her eyes. The skin on her chest reddened, and I could see her nipples harden. My god, she was a virtuoso.

Hilda leaned closer to her, and Leyla breathed, in a throaty stage whisper, “you look really tough, but I bet you’re a great kisser.” Hilda jumped back.

“What… What makes you say that?” Hilda‘s hands were out to the side, as if she didn’t know what to do with them.

“I see the way your lips move when you’re happy or angry or sad. You’re sensual and emotional, and you think you hide it from the world because you don’t move your eyebrows or your eyes. But I see it.”

“Have we met before?”

“Just because we haven’t talked doesn’t mean I haven’t seen you. I’ve worked here for almost a month now. I see you every day at the front desk, and I see you when you check the offices at the end of the day. I’ve seen you interact with the delivery people and I watched when you dealt with those drunk guys at that banquet last week. You’re very confident and self-assured. But you don’t want anyone to know how much you feel and how much you want to be seen. We’re alike in that way.” 

Hilda’s voice broke with emotion. “Thank you. I just, I just…” She caught her breath. “I feel invisible a lot of the time. You’re just so gorgeous and you have everything, and I didn’t think you knew who I was.” Her eyes became even bluer as they filled with tears. 

Leyla sat up and crossed her legs on the table. She seemed unconscious of her nudity. She raised her hands and gently stroked Hilda’s face on both sides. She drew her face close, and they exchanged the gentlest first kiss that I’ve ever seen.

In my secret cubicle, I was torn. I have my legs spread, two fingers deep inside myself, and my shirt open, cupping and squeezing my tit for all it was worth. But I felt like my heart was growing, and I had all these feelings for both. Was I crying? Fuck.

I watched the sweetness and warmth of the kisses, gradually slid my fingers out of my pussy, and sat up at the desk. I had to end it. We were conditioning Leyla for our own purposes, and this was not the plan.

I used the microphone to call into Hilda’s earpiece. “OK, tell her ‘Ruby.’ You have to shock her and make her scared, so she’s turned on but doesn’t understand why.”

Hilda didn’t respond. She embraced the shorter woman with her massive arms and pulled her in tight. I repeated my command; Hilda didn’t budge.

Time for the big guns. I got the microphone from under the desk and turned on the room’s loudspeaker. “Ruby.” The word echoed. There’s no way anyone in the security office missed it.

I watched Leyla and waited for the change. I knew she had heard the word, because I saw her jump slightly when she heard the noise. But now she was unbuttoning Hilda’s shirt and kissing her all over her neck and chest. Fuck!


I straightened up my hair and fixed my blouse and skirt. When I opened the door, Hilda had Leyla on the table, fingering her pussy and sucking on her breast. Leyla’s face was a portrait of celestial peace and joy. I admit, I was jealous.

“Shut it down, shut it down, that’s enough. Hilda, take the rest the day off, Leyla, I think you should explain yourself.”

Hilda jumped up and bowed her massive head. She buttoned her shirt closed, then reached back and fixed her braid. She folded her hands solemnly.

Leyla propped herself up on her elbows, looking me right in the eye. “Well, well, well. The empress has no clothes. Thanks for joining us, June, you ready to party?” She arched an eyebrow lasciviously.

My mouth was watering. I really, really wanted to say yes. “I have to say I’m disappointed, Leyla. I know you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, but stripping in a business meeting and then fucking my security detail breaks so many of our company policies that I don’t even think I could keep you if I wanted to. So, what’s the deal here?”

Hilda shuffled to the door when Leyla commanded her: “Don’t you dare open that fucking door! Sit your ass down and wait till I tell you what to do.” Hilda’s eyes went wide. She looked at me for a long moment and then at Leyla. She then went back to the table and sat down on one of the chairs.

I shook my head. “Goddamnit. Fine, Hilda, I’ll deal with you later. Start a multi-million-dollar global company, hire the best people, take care of them, and this is the thanks I get.”

Leyla sat up from the table and stood, her shoulders square, her hair down and flared around her head, like the halo of an avenging angel. God, her tits looked amazing. I tried to focus. I stared her right back in her eyes.

She walked towards me slowly. I pronounced the release phrase again and again, but she wasn’t stopping. “Ruby, Ruby, come on, Ruby.”

Leyla laughed. “Are you looking for your ruby slippers, so you can say ‘no place like home?’ Nice try.”

I shook my head. “Are you immune to hypnosis?”

“I guess I’m just less susceptible. It’s kind of like being drunk. You can’t make yourself less drunk, but you can sober up if you really need to.”

“Well, whatever. You’re still fired.”

“Do I smell pussy on you, June? I think I do. I was in a sorority in college. Is that what you do? Sit in the back room with a bunch of cameras and watch everyone fuck each other in the stairwells? Watch me get myself off in the locker room? Kind of pathetic. Illegal, too.”

Now it was my turn to blush. I backed up. “You can’t prove anything.”

Leyla put her hands on her hips like she was Wonder Woman. I swear, you would’ve thought I was the one who was naked. “No? You might not know this, but my fiancé works for the FBI. He had his lab analyze your handkerchief when I came home slurring my speech. He said it’s doped with a powerful sedative hypnotic that’s designed to be deployed intranasally. He said it’s considered a controlled substance, and possession of even five milliliters constitutes a felony. Now, if he raided this place, do you think that he’d find any of it? And if he had a search warrant to go through your building, do you think he’d find mirrors, hidden cameras, microphones, thousands an hour of hours of surveillance footage? I bet you even have a filing cabinet with a bunch of souvenirs and evidence of all the times you’ve done this before.”

Hilda’s mouth was open so wide a fly should’ve landed on it. I was so fucked. I got played by a twenty-two-year-old sorority girl. “Fine, you win.” I shook my head. “What do you want?”

“Oh, you know, the usual. Partnership, lifetime employment, pay back my student loans, corner office.” Her smile was so bright I wanted to put sunglasses on.

“Done. I’ll have my legal people get the paperwork together, you give me back that handkerchief, and we sign a nondisclosure agreement.” 

“June, if we’re going to be in business together, I think we need to have mutual trust. Now you have all kinds of footage now with me in various compromising positions. I have no intention of breaking up with my fiancé.” With that, she dipped to the floor and picked up her engagement ring, setting it neatly on her ring finger.

“You can have all the masters of the footage I recorded. You can have the files. I’ll dismantle the surveillance.” 

“That’s just not good enough, come on, June. There is no way that I can be sure that you don’t have a copy somewhere. No, I think we should just depend on the fact that you have this blackmail on me.”

“What do we do then?”

“I have to fight fire with fire. I think the only thing that we can do is shoot porn with the three of us here, and Hilda and I get to keep that in a safe deposit box as insurance against retaliation.” It was like all the air got sucked out of my lungs. Who did she think she was? She motioned to the floor. “Get on your knees and crawl to me, you fucking bitch.”

Hilda had already gone back to my cubicle to make sure that the recording was on. I stepped out of my shoes, kneeled, and started crawling on my hands and knees over to Leyla. She cupped my chin triumphantly as she planted a foot on the chair, spreading her pussy in front of me.  “All you executives are just talk. When you have a naked woman with her pussy in your face, you’re just as scared as anybody.”

She shoved my head roughly into her bush. I inhaled the musk and started laughing.

Hilda was behind me, pulling up my skirt and yanking my panties down my ass. “What’s so funny?”

I sat on my heels for a minute as Leyla stared down at me impatiently.

“I’m just really proud of you. I’ve been playing this game for so long I didn’t even know what it meant if someone else won. I guess this is what that means.”

Leyla chuckled and pushed my head back into her crotch.

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June’s New Sex Kitten, Leyla, Ch. 2

Leyla had been with us for a few weeks, and I was pleased to watch her progress. She had integrated well into the team, was exceedingly sharp in her assessments, and gave excellent presentations. Every instance of her radiance and excellence increased my desire to break her, to see her on her knees before me.

On this particular afternoon, she was in my office for a small meeting regarding new markets and expansions. She was explaining to the group that my company must tread lightly when entering a new market which was controlled by our competitors: “I think it’s important to be strategic and deferential to the market. We don’t want to get into a trade war.”

I leaned in, smirked, and offered, “when I see a rose ripe for the plucking, I don’t restrain my hand, Leyla.”

She blushed, and stammered, “you’re right, June, there is an opportunity here. But if we’re seen as predatory, they’ll fight us.”

“I like a fight. I win. It’s my nature. I don’t want peace. I don’t want a settled customer base. I want to conquer and rule an empire. Surely you’re beginning to see my trend, dear?” I arched my eyebrow, and every woman in the room held her breath.

Leyla looked down at her hands, and whispered, “I see, June. Of course.”

I chuckled and dismissed the meeting. The attendees looked at Leyla, who hadn’t lifted her eyes. They slowly withdrew from the room; Leyla remained, frozen, trembling. I walked over to where she was sitting in my now empty office and took the chair next to her. She kept her gaze from me. I took her chin in my hand and raised her eyes to me. “Don’t be frightened, girl, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

She tilted her head to the side and fluttered her eyelashes; I stroked her cheek with the back of my fingers. I could have her now, probably. But I wanted to see her crawl, not take her to dinner.

She was nearly cooing at my ministrations, and I dropped my hand to her knee and gave it a hard squeeze that brought her to attention. “Speak, Leyla, what can I do for you?”

“I’m just so happy you’re not angry with me, June. I can’t bear the idea of disappointing you.” Her open mouth curled into a hopeful smile.

I released her thigh and stood. “We must be bold, and we must not waver in our work. Our products are supreme, and we will take all the customers in the end. It mirrors my beliefs about sex: why fuck one for life when you can fuck them all?”

The tiniest whimper escaped her lips as I strode over to my desk. I poured myself a snifter of whiskey from the decanter. I touched it to my lips, inhaling and allowing the aroma to bathe my mouth and nose. “Would you like one, Leyla?”

She stood and clasped her hands in front of her heaving chest. “I should really get home. My fiancée is cooking dinner tonight, and he says he’s making something special. Last time he did this, I had to cook everything because he got confused in the kitchen. I don’t want to leave him alone in there.”
“Very well, Leyla. You’ll have time for a workout, I hope?” I gave her my most knowing smile, and her alabaster skin flushed a deeper red than I’d seen before.

Her voice squeaked, thrilled and confused. “Maybe!” She gave me a long glance and skittered from the room. I’d have to check the monitors in a few minutes and see if she’d repeat her self-love routine of her first day.

A few weeks later, Leyla was making a presentation to management, a well-crafted slideshow I knew she’d spent several hours on. She was dressed as I liked her: a fashionable, form fitting charcoal blazer over a crisp ivory blouse, open at the neck to hint at her ample cleavage. Her tight skirt hugged the curves of her ass, and her long legs were sheathed by black stockings. She stood on tall black high heels. I watched her strut back and forth as she laid out her points. She concluded and took questions from management.

Marcella, a no-nonsense Hispanic manager, was critical. “Leyla, I know you’re new here, but I’m concerned with how aggressive this approach is. If we run afoul of the regulators, we earn ourselves a heap of trouble.”

Leyla nodded, folding her hands solemnly and knitting her brow. “We’ve been in direct consultation with legal, who has been advising closely to make sure we’re within boundaries. I think …”

Marcella interrupted her. “You think? Listen, our reputation as a responsible company is crucial for our overall sustainability. If we act like a bunch of rascals, we could get shut out of the market.”

Leyla’s eyes went wide. She giggled and rolled her eyes up and down. “Marcella, I didn’t catch the last part of what you said. Could you say that one more time?” She crossed her arms in front of her and felt the sleeves of her jacket.

“Well, I said that the regulators would think we were a bunch of rascals!” Marcella gave her a very concerned look.

“That’s what I thought you said.” She giggled, a high, nasal sound. “I’m just feeling so hot. Is anyone else hot?”

The managers shook their heads. Leyla let her long dark hair down in back of her, and it shimmered as it fell along her neck and shoulders. “I think I hear music. Is that Ginuwine?”

Marcella leaned forward. “Leyla, I think it’s time for you to sit down.”

Leyla slowly shrugged the jacket off her arms, dropping it to the floor. “I don’t want to sit down, Marcella. I want to dance.”

To me, she had never looked more gorgeous than this moment, when she slowly began unbuttoning her shirt, giving the women a fuller glimpse of her ample chest and the modest lace bra beneath. With each flick of her wrist, she’d pause to watch them sigh. She twirled, tousling her hair like a goddess’s headdress. She dipped, alternating knees, opening a button to each beat of the music in her head. The crowd was on the edge of their seats.

After the last button, she thrust her arms back, gaping her ivory blouse and jutting her breasts proudly beneath her brassiere. She rocked her hips back and forth, forcing her tight skirt further and further up her hips.

While I wanted nothing more than to see her bared before me and my company, I wasn’t in the habit of eating my cake before my dinner.

From the head of the table, I quietly intoned “Ruby.” With that, the spell was broken. Leyla froze in place, looking down at her open dress shirt, hiked up skirt, and white panties above her stockings. She jerked to her feet, covered her chest with her arms, and screamed.

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June’s New Sex Kitten, Leyla, Ch. 1

Leyla was a new hire, newly graduated, and this was her first job in the “real world.” When I first saw her in my office, I knew she was going to be mine. She had cascading waves of lustrous dark hair, which fell ever so delicately against her chin. Her neck was long and slender. Her features were delicate, as if sketched by an ultrafine pencil. Despite their definition, her lips were full, sensual, red. I wanted to touch her, to own every inch of her skin, to make her come so hard, fierce, and screaming.
I was, and am, a self-employed businesswoman, manufacturing and marketing a boutique line of pheromone-based cosmetics. The name “June Loos” is known the world over for what our products do for our customers. “The Love Potion for the 21st century,” as our boxes claim.
“Mrs. Loos, I’m so excited to be working here! This is like a dream come true,” she gushed as we shook hands. A flush had crept into her cheeks, one that I appreciated, and expected would be a sign of things to come.
“It’s ‘Ms.’, dear, but you can call me June. I’ve never been married. Don’t really believe in it. Surely that ring on your finger doesn’t mean that you…” I pursed my lips and watched her eyes widen.
“I’m engaged!” She thrust her wrist forward to show me the bauble her ring finger carried. “My boyfriend proposed when I got this job!”
I laughed and covered my mouth. “How wonderful for you, dear. I’m sure he’s a lovely man who appreciates what a unique and talented individual you are. Leave the date with my secretary, and I’ll be sure to send a gift.”
“He’s …” her face hardened, and I knew I had struck a nerve. “He’s been very kind to me and my family. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I think we have a good relationship. We don’t have a wedding date picked out yet, but I know we’ll agree on one soon. I’ll be sure to let your secretary know when we have one.”
“Now, I’ve gotten far too personal, Leyla, I apologize. Let’s start over. What are you most excited for working for our company?”
“I majored in marketing in college, but I love botany and chemistry. I think that the relationship between humans and plants is so interesting, and I’m just thrilled to be using all of those skills here at your company!”
“In that we are of one mind, Leyla. Humans have parts of their brains that are much, much older than anything modern science has come to understand. With our products, we influence people in ways they can’t begin to account for. I look forward to us working together.” I locked my gaze with her, and she smiled. I held it for longer than she was comfortable with, and her smile began to waver. Finally, she broke the gaze, and looked away.
Then, her face contorted into a look of horror as she clapped a hand over her nose and mouth; she sneezed! I quickly pulled my handkerchief from my pocket to give to her, the one I’d specially dosed with our Yoni compound, derived from plants first cultivated on the isle of Lesbos. She gratefully took the handkerchief and wiped her face, cleaning the sneeze and inhaling the compounds, soaking them into her mucus membranes. I pictured the Yoni traversing her nasal turbinates, effervescing up to the olfactory cortex, and delivering the payload of dopamine, oxytocin, opioids, and serotonin that equaled an irresistible love connection, dramatically retuning her brain’s chemistry, and leaving her vulnerable to the hypnotic triggers I was about to implant.
She fixed her gaze upon me, dropping the handkerchief to the floor; her jaw opened, and her shoulders slumped. She was mine. My (all female) office staff continued their work around us without a pause. They’d seen this routine before. “Leyla,” I slowly intoned. “my sex kitten. You will become sexually excited whenever I or one of my managers comes into the room. You won’t understand why. When you hear the command phrase ‘Rascal’, you will forget everything that is happening around you and devote all your energies to pleasing whoever you are with sexually. Whatever they ask, you’ll do. If they don’t ask anything, get creative, but stop at nothing to turn them on.”
“Leyla, you are permanently less. You are dependent on me for your life. My whim becomes your imperative. If I forgot you, you would die. My heart pumps yours too. My absence unmoors you. You float high above the ground, immaterial, until I make you real. Had you a life before you knew me? Impossible.” Her eyes were fluttering back and forth as she listened, like she was in REM sleep. This is always my favorite part.
“My authority is the breath in your lungs. If I did desire it, you would suffocate. Your gravity is controlled by mine. Subjected beneath me, shadowed. You are mine forever; even if you killed my body, still I would persist; I live inside you.”
“When you hear the word, ‘Ruby,’ your memory and consciousness will revert to your normal Leyla personality. You won’t have a single memory of any encounter, and any details which might clue you in to missing time, like a lost bra or sticky pussy, will be explained away by some excuse your brain will make, like, ‘I forgot to wear a bra today!’ or ‘did I not wash well enough this morning?’ If we give you any memory of what you do between ‘Rascal’ and ‘Ruby,’ it will be our choice. Now, resume your normal life and work.”
Leyla’s eyes slowed and she began to blink and return to awareness. She picked up the handkerchief from the floor to return it to me, and then drew it back. “Thank you for the handkerchief. I’ll wash it and get it back to you.”
“No need, my dear,” I said as I clasped my hand on her shoulder. “Keep it as a memento. Now, it’s been terrific to meet you, and Diane can take you to your desk.” I motioned to where Diane was seated, and she guided Leyla from my office. I retired to my private work area in the rear of the office and began my day.

That afternoon, I took my seat at the surveillance monitors I maintain for myself. I own the building, and the contractors were all close friends. Everywhere in the building is wired like a sophisticated recording studio, a pet project. In the fitness center’s locker room, there are cameras behind the mirrors, in each showerhead and soap dispenser, within each locker, and scattered throughout the room. There are microphones embedded in the paper towel dispenser, the sink, countertop, benches, and lockers.
When Leyla was hired, she was especially excited by the free gym access and personal lockers that the job provided. My cameras captured her entry into the locker room, which is empty. I wanted to see how her new programming was progressing. If things were going well, she should be out of her mind with sexual desire right now, without any understanding why.
She set her heavy bag on the bench and went to the sink. The water ran over her hands and fingers; she mutters to herself as she rinsed them without soap.
She lets the water run for a few minutes and rolled her neck back and forth, raising her shoulders up and down. She opened her mouth wide, like a lion, and lolled her tongue back and forth.
She took a paper towel, used it to turn off the water, and dried her hands with it. She dropped the wet wad in the trash and walked back to her locker. She unbuttoned her suit jacket slowly and shrugged it off her shoulders. She folded it vertically and arranged the sleeves so they could be folded as part of a square. She regarded herself in the locker mirror, examining her eyebrow raise, the inside of her nostrils, and the bags under her eyes. She undid the tie in back of her hair and let it shake out widely, massaging her scalp and humming to herself. She then sat on the bench to remove her shoes, placing them neatly in the locker.
She began to slowly unbutton her shirt, revealing her lovely pale cleavage beneath her starched white blouse. She pulled each tail from her skirt, shedding it like a second skin. The humble, simple white bra was quickly discarded. She checked the door and paused, waiting for an intruder. She stroked her hands down her torso, grinning as her nipples erected themselves on her angelic breasts. She bit her lip devilishly and dropped her skirt in a heap on the ground, quickly shucking off her stocking socks in a second. She eyed the skirt for a moment as her fingers dipped down her abdomen, just below her navel and approaching the treasure. She broke the movement and quickly retrieved and folded the skirt atop her pile.
She stood before the bathroom mirror, trembling in anticipation, and stealing glances at the door, waiting for interruption. She briskly tucked her thumbs on either side of her g-string and pulled it off. She sat back on the bench and tilted the locker door mirror toward herself. She cupped a breast with one hand and her crotch in the other, beginning to slowly squeeze and gyrate. She puts two fingers into her mouth, closing her eyes and bobbing her head like an act of fellatio. Spreading her legs wide across the bench, she arched her back and thrust her chest upward. She then extracted her glistening fingers and applied them to her sex, running a hand along the length of her neck, encircling it, squeezing gently. A quiet murmur escaped her lips, captured by the microphones.
She rotated her hips against her hand, increasing the pressure, and grabbed her breast hard; the skin visibly reddened under her grip. Now her full form was tense and twisting in ecstasy at her debauch, and she begins to audibly pant and gasp as the orgasm broke like a wave across her.
I watched her body pulse and writhe, and she slowly calmed, gathered herself, and went to shower. Everything was going according to plan.

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He flitters and he

Flutters through my mind all day

Long, and I want to

Suck him dry. Where is

He? Soaking here on my own,

This can’t all go to

Waste. How he murmurs

Nasty phrases in my ear

When we are fucking,

My deepest muscles

Tighten. He makes me feel like

A goddess and a

Whore, newborn and as

Old as time. We vibrate, and

Transcend existence.


“So thirsty am I.

Miss? Could you get me water?”

“You’re not supposed to

Talk to me.” “If you

Knew who I was, you’d want my

Water. Never thirst

Again.” “Fine. Give me.”

“Get your husband, I’ll give it

To him.” “Which one?” “You’re

On number six, right?

Let me be seven.” “Let’s do

It then. You want to

Be top or bottom?”

“We do it face to face. Me

In you and you, me.”