Superman, Patient Zero

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If people treated Superman like he had a disease they’d catch by being saved by him, would he keep doing it? Or would they be frightened, running from the man as strong as a bull and fast as a locomotive, while he tried to grasp their hands to pull them up? Would he pick his battles? I have this idea that Supes is the kind of guy who moves on instinct. He doesn’t think that much about what he does. He’s just Clark without his glasses on, putting his foot in his mouth, like a star athlete who’s soft spoken and kind. He doesn’t really know what he means to other people. He hears everything we whisper to each other. He tries to respect our privacy, but he doesn’t always. What’s the harm? If he moves so fast you can’t see him peek over your shoulder to read your text? He only wants to be sure you’re safe. And to be in on the joke. Superman likes to laugh. He has a great sense of humor. Is he happy? No. He’s busy. There’s work to be done. Even moving faster than light, he can only be in so many places at a time, even if he sends robots to fill in the gaps. He goes to the Fortress of Solitude and watches the old crystal tapes his Dad Jor-el sent him all those years ago. He seems so regal, so magnificent, and human at the same time, vulnerable. He talks to the hologram sometimes. He’s even yelled at him. He wants answers, and there will be none forthcoming from old, dead Jor-el.

“Why am I like this, Dad? Why is always only me out there? They’re all scared of me. They don’t trust me. I hear them calling me ‘alien, freak, infected.’ I have to watch the world burn to ash and I can only sweep up the pieces. They’re all dying and I’m not. Luthor says I don’t really care, that it’s just part of my programming, how my genetic code was designed to replace humanity, and that there are millions of Kryptonian matrices waiting to be deployed to rocket to the earth, once I’ve subdued it. It’s not true, is it, Dad? You would never do that. You’re not a parasite, a selfish murdering bully like Luthor. “

“It’s the greatest irony, Dad, I’m supposed to be invulnerable, but everything hurts me. Every look, every word, every misunderstanding, every passive aggressive gesture, I see it and treasure it in my heart. What good is it being the strongest man in the world if everybody hates you? If it were all a dream, if there was another pretender masquerading as savior, and I could be just a guy, an ordinary guy, what would that feel like? “

“Lois … sold me out, Dad. She gave my secret identity to Luthor for the chief job at the Daily Planet. I feel like an idiot. Everyone’s in danger now.”

“Is there someone like me, out there, alive today, who understands how this hurts? To want to help, to interact, to relate, not to hurt, but to mend. Luthor’s made everyone believe the epidemic is a Kryptonian superbug. It’s not.”

“They wanted to make me king. Give the keys to me, let me rule the world. I said, “no, not for me, thanks, I’m not an administrator.” I laughed, but they turned on me then, I know they did. When I wouldn’t tell them what to do. When they realized I wasn’t anything special, just a humble citizen doing his best to help people. I just thought if I did good in the world, Dad, it would lead to something. I would go somewhere, and the clouds would open, and a plan would unfold. I would know who I was and what I was supposed to do. But that’s not what happened.”

“I had a dream that everyone I had tried to please for so long had forgotten me. They didn’t recognize me, even after I told them my name and where we knew each other from. The one guy who was friendly to me, he was just using me to get him pipe tobacco, and when his car got stolen, I felt a little guilty, but I thought it was what he deserved.”

“You’ll always remember them, but they won’t remember you. You’re still frozen with them in the past.
What am I supposed to do? Hide? Leave those creeps in charge?”

And Jor-el’s hologram solemnly intones: “Everybody doesn’t have to love you, Kal. Most of them will despise you. You think people like those who are better than them?”

Hero’s Journey

Superhero attributions of the hero’s journey:

Black Bolt: Ain Soph Aur, Zero as point of possible vibration. Luke: Aleph, Knight Errant, Fool. Kingdom Come Flash: Beth, Messenger, Magus, Prometheus. X-Man: Secret Seed, Yod.

Marvel Girl: Gimel, the Virgin. Storm: Daleth, the Wife. Shuri: He, the Mother.

Darth Vader: Kaph, All Father, 3 in One, Wind and Water and Fire in the Whirlings of War, Demiurge, Apocalypse: Tzaddi, the Ruler, Superman: Vau, the Priest, the Son.

Sunfire and Iceman: Zain, the Twins emerging; Hulk and Thing: Resh, the Sun, (playing) Horus and Seth; Thor and Loki: Pe, the Crowned and Conquering children emerging from the womb.

Leia: Cheth, the Grail, Chariot of Life; Invisible Woman: Samekh, the Pregnant Womb preserving Life; Captain Marvel: Lamed, the Woman justified by Yod

Gozer: Teth, the Act of Power, she who rules the secret power of the universe; Beast and Dazzler: 156+ 666, Beast and Scarlet Woman

Captain America: Mem, the Redeemer in the Waters, the Redeemer drowned in the (womb) flood. The secret is hidden between the waters that are above and the waters that are beneath. Crossbones: Nun, Putrefaction of athanor. Initiation is guarded on both sides by death. Cyclops: A’ain: Erect and proud, exalted Phallus. Secret of generation is death. Mystique: the Witch, stagnant Yoni, womb seething in physiologic upset as Sun sleeps. Illusion initiates disorder.

Ghostbusters Ray and Peter: Shin, God and Man as Twins from Nuit and Hadit. Resurrection is hidden in death. Batman: the Slain God. The System. The Universe as hexagram.

Mutant Freak

I have always been

A mutant freak, different

From the norm, and now

You see it, and you

Watch for my horns to grow. You’re

Sure I’m just waiting

For the other shoe

To drop, to flee and fly from

You, join my freaky

Friends. I reassure

You, that I don’t have any

Friends; you are my home.

I have nowhere to

Fly, and I cannot picture

Life without you there.

Angel in Chains

You enticed me here

With promises of talent

Fulfilled, potential

Realized. Service and

A community of like

Minds. Then you locked me

In a sewer, to

Twist and writhe as you giggle

At my agony.

I can’t free myself.

No rescuer waits in the

Wings. If I want a

Miracle, Deus

Ex Machina, it will have

To come from my heart.

Cursed Geometry?

Warning: some of these images really disturb me. No actual violence is depicted, but they’re disturbing symbols. This post is really just a rebus thread representing my train of thought.

I was at my job, and came across the unicursal hexagram on an artwork on one of the walls. I was surprised, as it’s an occult symbol, and my first thought was Lucifer’s Sigil.

Which it resembles, certainly.

Spanish penitents, capirote

Capirote and kids
Early KKK

The Invisibles

The ones who know me like no one else.

The ones who know my worth.

The ones who have my back

The ones who will not quit until all are redeemed.

The ones to help me free the G-d from the machine.

The ones who are like me.

The ones whose powers and abilities are beyond mine, and can shepherd me.

The ones who set this plan in motion long ago, and know that love wins out.

Alien Abduction

You must believe the

Tale which I will tell you. On

My way to work one

Day, suddenly did

I float skyward. Machines did

Slice my clothes from me,

And I was told that

My survival depended

On my coming. No

Choice was there, and so

With my pussy did I fuck

For all it was worth.

The mind and earth and

Universe shattering joy

Of my orgasm

Changed my outlook and

My life forever. And so,

Dear John, with regret

Do I end our long

Engagement. For if the Moon

Men made me come, you

Could have done it, too.

Now in search of pleasures I

Must go, they await.

Bizarro Herman’s Hermitage

In the Bizarro Hermitage, everything is its opposite; it’s the flip side of our reality. Bizarro Herman describes his life in this strange land:

I feel a deep connection to my work, and feel appreciated for my contribution. I am excited to go to work every day. I am glad I chose this career. I am rarely bored or restless. My job is a real and sincere expression of my truth. I have been supported by my residency, and they have worked consistently to give me experiences which have increased my confidence and competence. They do not undermine me.

My colleagues, supervisors, my spouse, and my family are working as hard as I am, and we are on the same page. We all want the same things, and we understand each other.

If I could do everything over again, I would, in the exact same way.

I feel like my kids get consistent parenting, that they know their parents well, and that they aren’t made to feel anxious unnecessarily. This is an excellent time and place to raise children. I have every confidence that they will enjoy the strongest of foundations and opportunities surpassing any that I have ever dreamed of.

There are so many things about my work that excite me. I am so rarely bored.

When I speak, and when I write, I feel that I am completely understood. I can communicate in a simple and straightforward manner. The phrase “screaming in the void” is in no way applicable to my self expression.

I sense a surpassing harmony in my life, a feeling that I am loved and wanted and connected to the people with whom I interact.

My spouse and I work together to build one another up. We are a true source of comfort to each other. I have no serious concerns about the future of our relationship. She has worked through her issues with her childhood, and does not project any of those emotions onto me.

People in my family look to me, and think, “wow! He seems so happy and content. I understand exactly what he’s saying when he talks. I sleep more peacefully when I think about Herman and his family. He must take excellent care of himself and enjoy excellent emotional and spiritual health.”

Everyone I meet and talk with wants to work with me, and get on board with what I’m excited about. It’s easy for them to understand what I’m saying, because it’s so straightforward and clear.

I comprehend exactly why I’m writing, what I’m trying to communicate, and feel like my readers do too. I can share everything with my spouse that I write, and am always confident it will be received in the spirit in which it is written.

I feel alive, more alive than I have ever before. I sense how everything has led up to now, and how it’s a fulfillment of who I am and why I’ve worked so hard. I feel respected and appreciated for my contribution.

There is nothing bad or evil in me, quite the contrary. I am the antidote to the toxins of the world. I don’t hurt people, but bring them joy and new life.

Authority figures have earned their place overseeing me, and they are consistently good examples of the values they would have me emulate.

My emotional, spiritual, physical, and career worlds are strong, resilient to all forms of distortion, and shaped by my conscious decisions. They are expressions of my most authentic self.

When someone is suffering, I can help them. I can offer reassurance and advice without feeling like I’ll make things worse if I give my opinion and insight.

I feel cared for. I feel like people in my life know how to take care of me.

I care deeply for what other people talk about. Their lives are interesting to me. I want to be friends with the people who are around me. I want to make friends with the people with whom I work.

I feel like people recognize me when I walk in the room and appreciate that I am present. Even with people’s faces obscured, I get plenty of emotional enjoyment of conversations, and experience the same building kinetic sense of fun I always have.

If someone else is having a conflict, or expressing hostility, it doesn’t bother me if I have no part in it. I can calmly enjoy my dinner and do what I need to.

I have no doubts about my judgment or intuition. My confidence in my sanity is rock solid. I do not feel stifled in the least.

At home and at work, I feel accepted, valued, and loved. I am never afraid, consciously or unconsciously, that I’ll be kicked out, rejected, forced to a start again with nothing.

I feel I have articulated my deepest questions in life and received adequate, satisfactory answers.

The balance in my life between stimulation and support is adequate. There are people who fight for me. Many people are on my side. I am not targeted for ridicule in any way.

I have every confidence in my government and authorities in general to manage the needs of the people in this country. I don’t feel used or cheated by the political system at all. Most people are adequately informed, and appropriately optimistic for the future.

The Christian faith is an excellent expression of my core spiritual values. I feel that it is well represented by the modern Christian church. The church we belong to doesn’t dumb the material down, and being there is in no way infuriating. It feels like the Greek Lyceum, not Chick-Fil-A.

The past misdeeds of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church in aiding and abetting child abuse do not trouble me or interfere with my worship or participation in the church body. People have been held accountable, and reforms have been made to ensure nothing like that ever happens again.

Any anger that I have about events or people in the past has been fully expressed. The people in my life are accountable for their actions. I have no repressed feelings of anger, guilt, sorrow, or regret. Any negative emotions from work do not interfere with my home life.

I had a happy childhood. I was well taken care of, and I was appreciated. It was exactly how someone like me should have been raised.

There are no aspects of my sexuality that I find dark or troubling. My mental sex life is perfectly normal and appropriate compared to my overall values and outlook in life.

It is easy for me to give and receive physical affection in my marriage. Hurt feelings in no way preoccupy me. I feel like my spouse and I are consistently on the same page when it comes to sex, romance, and life in general. The signals I get from her are consistent.