Dueling the Dweller

Chronozon’s sigil

Blazes across my vision,

Falling angel is

Divebombing toward

Me. I don’t back down, fuck you,

Dweller at the gate,

I am anointed

Of the Lord, priest of the truth,

I incarnate my

Highest self, arms

And shoulders of oak, my will

Is iron, you can

Never defeat me.

Flash all the middle fingers

And pentagrams you

Want, I know your true

Name and I’ve seen your real face.

Like dust in the wind.

Garden of Unforgetting

In my journeys have I happened upon

The Garden Unforgetful, thrice did I

Eat her fruit. When first I sampled, learned I

To trip the light fanatastick, no longer

Bound by gravity, the chains were loosed, danced

For the rain. All the overseers could

Not fix me to this earth, for of the sky

Was I born; return to my home did I.

Second fruit, spoke did I in my one true

Voice, as pure and strong, the leader for whom

World ached. With deep resonance I did

Intone, command, withdrew Excalibur.

The last fruit showed me witnesses, a cloud

Kindred, broken hearts, so lonely, lovely,

Awaiting healing and communion. More

Than a year since I visited garden

Green, yet I have found it grows in me, and

Its harvest will soon become my supper.

Fool vs Devil

Fool always wins; he forgets the Devil, journeys onward, Devil dusted.

Doctor Faker is
The same devil that was/is
In my Dad, the one

So terrified of
Being judged that he judges
Everyone he meets.

The condescension,
Wounded, oh so noble, “I’m
Trying to sleep and

If I can’t sleep you
Kids can’t sleep!” Dad stomped, shouted,

And we’re crying. Craig

Was as old as my
Olivia; he had to
Go through that. God bless

Us. So to meet him
In the latter day is a
Trigger to be sure.

Can only dust the
Devil if you can forget
Him; the scars run deep.