The Seal

Hesitating to open

The ancient reliquary,

I finally cracked the seal.

A mist of dust clouded my

Sight, and I gazed at a small

Mirror. My face contorted

Until, as my consciousness

Died, I recognized the smile

Of that blessed Saint Amun.


“Stay out of the mines,”

My mother had always warned,

Words that rang hollow

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In my ears as I

Cursed my luck and my

Shattered leg. I had

Wanted to prove myself; now

I would die alone

In the dark. With a throat raw

From screaming, I spit

Out the forbidden

Name, “Bearshak.” Water

Dripped into my mouth from some

Unknown source, and I

Stood , and I could see

A fountain lit from

Below. I lapped at the cool

Water, felt my fresh

Grown fur dampen and my snout

Wet. I stood on legs

Strong and hairy. A

Staircase opened before me.

I ascended, the bear

God returned from eons past;

Let humankind weep.

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Role Reversal

Broken hearted by

The early death of those most

Dear, I became a

Physician, a scout

For Death, to better resist

Her unending work.

Yet somewhere with time,

The tragedy became the

Overlong life, not

The end. Finally,

I began to guide Death when

Merciful. My peace.