My Dream

In my dreams we are

Together. We don’t concern

Ourselves with others’

Opinion of what

We do. My husband and your

Boyfriend don’t exist

In my dreams. We fly,

Exhilarated, bodies

Mingled, you and I.

All I ask is that

You just come with me, and we

Try it. Can we try?

Dame’s Song

I bought the pretty

Widow for a song, and then

We got to smooching

She’d never kissed a

Dame before, and so I broke

Her in. Our time was

Sweet, but had to end, because

Her elder sister,

Just as comely, came

Onto the market,

And her bosoms are to die

For, goodbye widow,

Fare thee well, I know

You’ll do me proud, for I send

You to dear Mamma.