Lot’s Wife

Let’s call her Lottie.
She just watched her whole life in
Flames, Sheol on earth.

Her husband offered
Her daughters to be raped to
Appease wickedness.

Sole survivors of
Genocide, and she was left
Alive? Her? How was

She to live? Darkness,
No hint of a savior. She
Wisely turned to salt.

Benno and Belladonna’s Parents

If what I say is
Only lies, then why are you
Shaking? You need not

Strike and slap one whose
Claims carry no truth. They would
Be absurd. I think

That I have struck a
Nerve. You dig your nails into
My flesh, like you would

Destroy the fact by
Disposing of me. Must I
Leave this family

To conceal your sins
So be it, but let this be
Always on your heads.