Who Knows You Like I Do?

Face it, we have a

Connection. It’s not

Just friendship. I know

You’re with him now, and

I know you masturbate to

Our memories when you

Think no one’s watching.

You can’t give me up. I’m still

Inside you. You might

As well let me fuck

You. You’ll feel better. My hands

Have traced the curves of

Your body so often,

It’s just muscle memory

By now. Come on. Don’t

Make me get rough with

You. Unless that’s what you want.

I’m game if you are.

My Dream

In my dreams we are

Together. We don’t concern

Ourselves with others’

Opinion of what

We do. My husband and your

Boyfriend don’t exist

In my dreams. We fly,

Exhilarated, bodies

Mingled, you and I.

All I ask is that

You just come with me, and we

Try it. Can we try?