Jacob’s Ladder

“The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won’t let go of your life: your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away, but they’re not punishing you, they’re freeing your soul. If you’re frightened of dying and you’re holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. If you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth.”

Jacob’s Ladder, Meister Eckhart. https://youtu.be/yt3Ny_BG3yQ


Rev 6: Aramaic in Plain English

Adjustment. Venus rules, Saturn is exalted. Venus and Saturn dancing. Existence is pure joy. Reproduction of the original purity from the last stage of illusion. Perfect balance. 31. God not god. Geburah to Tiphareth. Lamed ל , ox goad.

1And I saw when The Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of The Four Beasts speaking like the sound of thunder: “Come and see*.” 2And I heard* and I saw and behold, a white horse, and he who sat upon it had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he went out and gave victory, and was conquering and would conquer.

3And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second Beast which said, “Come.” 4And a red horse went out, and to him who sat upon it was given to take peace from The Earth and to kill each one, and a great sword was given to him.

5And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third Beast saying, “Come*”, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat upon him had a balance scale in his hand. 6And I heard a voice from among The Beasts, which said, “A two-quart measure of wheat for a denarius* and three two-quart measures of barley for a denarius, and you shall not harm the wine and the oil.”

7When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of a Beast saying, “Come*.”8And I saw a pale horse, and the name of him who sat upon it was Death, and Sheol joined him and authority was given to him over a fourth of The Earth to kill with the sword, with starvation, with Death, and by the animals of The Earth.

9And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been murdered for the word of God and for the testimony of Yeshua* which they had. 10And they cried with a great voice, and they were saying, “How long, LORD JEHOVAH, holy and true, do you not judge and avenge our blood upon the inhabitants of The Earth?” 11And to each and every one of them was given a white robe, and it was said that they should rest for a little season of time until their companions and their brothers were also perfected, who were going to be killed, even as they had been.

12And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake, and the Sun was blackened like sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon became like blood. 13And the stars of the Heavens fell upon The Earth, like a fig tree casting its figs when it is shaken by a strong wind.14And the Heavens were parted like scrolls being rolled up, and every hill and all the islands were moved from their places. 15And the Kings of The Earth and The Princes and Captains of thousands and the rich and the mighty and every Servant and every Free Person, hid themselves in caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16And they said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from before the face of the Lamb,”17“Because the great day of his* anger has come, and who is able to stand?”

Adjustment is the feminine version of the Fool – their letters. Aleph and Lamed, spell AL and enumerate to 31. AL is the root of the Hebrew word for “God”; LA is the Hebrew word for “not.” In the Western Zen of Thelema, “God-Not-God” is a very important concept. (From a book on Thoth tarot by Duquette)

John 15:

1“I AM THE LIVING GOD, The True Vine, and my Father is the vine dresser.” 2“Every branch on me not yielding fruit he takes away, and that which yields fruit he purges that it may bring forth much fruit.” 3“From now on you are purged because of the word which I have spoken with you.” 4“Stay with me, and I am in you. Just as the branch cannot yield fruit by itself unless it remains on the vine, so neither do you unless you stay with me.” 5“I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Vine, and you are the branches; whoever abides with me and I in him, this one brings forth much fruit, because without me, you can do nothing.” 6“If a man does not abide with me, he is thrown away like a shriveled up branch, and they gather it, throwing it into the fire to burn.” 7“But if you are abiding in me and my words will abide in you, everything whatsoever you desire to ask, it shall be done for you.” 8“In this The Father is glorified, that you will bring forth much fruit and that you will be my disciples.” 9“Just as my Father has loved me, even so I have loved you; continue in my friendship.” 10“If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and I abide in his love.”11“I have spoken these things with you that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be perfect.”

12“This is my commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.”

13“There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”* 14“You are my friends if you will do all that I command you.” 15“No longer do I call you servants, because a servant does not know what his master does, but I have called you my friends, because all that I have heard from my Father, I have taught you.” 16“You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you so that you also will go bring forth fruit and your fruit will remain, so that all you will ask my Father in my name, he will give to you.” 17“These things I command you that you will love one another.”

18“And if the world hates you, know that it hated me before you.” 19“And if you had been from the world, the world would have loved its own; but you are not from the world, but I have chosen you from the world; because of this the world hates you.” 20“Remember the word that I have spoken to you, that there is no servant greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you also; if they have kept my word, they will also keep yours.”21“They will do all these things among you because of my name, because they do not know him who has sent me.” 22“If I did not come speaking with them, they would have no sin, but now there is no covering for their sin.” 23“Whoever hates me hates my Father also.” 24“If I had not done the works in their sight which no other man had done, they would not have sin, But now they have seen and hated me and my Father also. 25That the word which is written in their law may be fulfilled: ‘They hated me for nothing.’ “

26“But when The Redeemer of the accursed comes, him whom I shall send to you from the presence of my Father, The Spirit of Truth, he who proceeds from the presence of my Father, he shall testify concerning me.” 27“You also are testifying, who are with me from the beginning.”


From the Aramaic Bible in Plain English, Rev 4:

1After these things I saw, and behold, a door opened in Heaven, and a voice which I heard like a trumpet speaking with me saying, “Come up here, and I shall show you whatever is granted to happen after these things.” 2And at once I was in The Spirit, and behold a throne fixed in Heaven, and upon the throne sat he; 3And he who sat was as the likeness of the appearance of Jasper red quartz stone and of red and white Sardius, and a rainbow of the clouds which encircled the throne was like the appearance of an emerald; 4And around the throne, twenty four thrones, and upon those thrones, twenty four Elders who sat wearing white garments and crowns of gold upon their heads.

5And from the throne proceed thunders and lightnings and voices, and seven lamps were burning before that throne, which are The Seven Spirits of God. 6And before the throne, a sea of glass as the likeness of crystal, and in the midst of the throne and around the throne, four beasts that were full of eyes, front and back. 7The first beast was like a lion; the second had the likeness of a calf; the third beast had a face like a man and the fourth beast, the likeness of a flying eagle. 8Each one of these four beasts stood and had from its appendages and over it six surrounding wings, and from within they are full of eyes and are not silent day or night, saying, “Holy, holy, holy, LORD JEHOVAH God* Almighty, who was and is and is to come.” 9And when these four beasts give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits upon the throne and to The One Living to the eternity of eternities, amen, 10The 24 Elders fall down in front of him who sits upon the throne and worship The Living One for the eternity of eternities, amen, and cast their crowns before the throne saying, 11“You are worthy, Our Lord and Our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you have created all things, and by your pleasure they exist and were created.”

Marvel version of hierophant card

John 6, the Loaves and Fishes:

1After these things, Yeshua went to the other side of the Sea of Galilee of Tiberius. 2And great crowds were going after him, because they saw the miracles he did for the sick. 3And Yeshua went up to a mountain and sat down there with his disciples. 4But the feast of The Passover of the Jews was drawing near. 5And Yeshua lifted up his eyes and saw great crowds coming to him, and he said to Phillipus: “Where shall we buy bread that these may eat?” 6But he said this as a test for him, for he knew what he was going to do. 7Phillipus said to him: “Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not enough, even if each of them takes a very little.” 8One of his disciples, Andrewas, Shimeon Kaypha’s brother, said to him: 9“There is a boy here who has five loaves of barley bread and two fish with him; but what are they to all of these?” 10Yeshua said to them: “Have all the people be seated.” And there was much grass in that place and they were seated, the number of men being five thousand. 11And Yeshua took the bread and blessed and distributed to them who were seated, and thus also from the fish, as much as they wanted. 12And when they were full, he said to his disciples, “Gather the leftover fragments, that nothing be lost.”* 13And they gathered and filled twelve large baskets with fragments left over to them who ate from the five loaves of barley bread. 14But those people who saw the miracle that Yeshua did were saying, “Truly, This is The Prophet who is coming to the world.”

15But Yeshua knew they were prepared to come seize him and make him King, and he withdrew to that mountain alone.

16And when it was evening, his disciples went down to the sea. 17And they sat in the boat and were coming to the coast to Kapernahum and it was growing dark and Yeshua had not come to them. 18But the sea rose up against them because a great wind was blowing. 19And they rowed about twenty five or thirty furlongs* and they saw Yeshua as he was walking on the lake, and when he drew near to the ship, they were afraid. 20But Yeshua said to them, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, do not be afraid.” 21And they wanted to receive him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at that land to which they were going.

22And the day after, the crowd that had stood at the shore of the sea saw that no other boat was there except that one on which the disciples had embarked, and that Yeshua had not entered with his disciples into the boat. 23But other ships had come from Tiberiaus, next to that place at which they had eaten the bread which Yeshua blessed. 24And when that crowd saw that Yeshua was not there, neither his disciples, they embarked these ships and came to Kapernahum and they were looking for Yeshua. 25And when they found him at the other side of the sea, they were saying to him, “Our Master, when did you come here?”

26Yeshua answered and said to them, “Timeless truth I speak to you: you seek me, not because you saw the signs but because you ate the bread and were filled.” 27“Do not work for food that perishes, but for food that endures for the eternal life that The Son of Man will give you, for This One has The Father sealed as God with his seal of approval.” 28And they were saying to him, “What shall we do to work the service of God?” 29Yeshua answered and said to them: “This is the service of God, that you trust in him whom he has sent.” 30They were saying to him, “What sign will you do, that we may see and believe in you? What sign will you perform? 31Our forefathers ate manna in the wilderness, just as it is written ‘He gave them bread from Heaven to eat.’ ” 32Yeshua said to them, “Timeless truth I speak to you: It was not Moses who gave you bread from Heaven, but my Father gave you The True Bread from Heaven.” 33“For The Bread of God is he who has descended from Heaven and gives life to the world.” 34They were saying to him, “Our Lord, always give us this bread.”

35Yeshua said to them, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Bread of Life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever trusts in me shall never thirst.” 36“But I said to you that you have seen me and you do not believe.” 37“Everyone whom my Father has given me shall come to me, and whoever will come to me I shall not cast out.” 38“For I came down from Heaven, not to do my will, but to do the will of him who has sent me.” 39“But this is the will of him who has sent me: I shall not destroy anyone from him whom he has given to me, but I shall raise him in the last day.” 40“For this is the will of my Father: Everyone who sees The Son and trusts in him shall have eternal life, and I shall raise him in the last day.”

41But the Judeans were murmuring about him for saying : “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Bread, which has descended from Heaven.” 42And they were saying, “Is not this Yoseph’s son, whose father and mother we know? How does this man say, ‘I have come down from Heaven?’ ” 43Yeshua answered and said to them, “Do not mutter one with another.” 44“No man can come to me, unless The Father who has sent me will draw him, and I shall raise him in the last day.” 45“For it is written in The Prophets, ‘All of them will be taught of God.’ Everyone, therefore, who has heard from The Father and has learned from him, comes to me.” 46“No man has seen The Father, except he who is from God; he himself sees The Father.” 47“Timeless truth I speak to you: ‘Whoever trusts in me has eternal life.'” 48“I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Bread of Life.” 49“Your forefathers ate manna in the wilderness and they died.” 50“This is The Bread that came down from Heaven, that a man may eat of it and he shall not die.” 51“I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Living Bread, who have come down from Heaven, and if a man will eat of this bread, he will live for eternity, and the bread that I shall give is my body that I give for the sake of the life of the world.”

52But the Jews were arguing with one another and saying, “How can this man give us his body to eat?” 53And Yeshua said to them, “Timeless truth I speak to you: Unless you eat the body of The Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in yourselves.” 54“But whoever eats of my body and drinks of my blood has eternal life, and I shall raise him in the last day.” 55“For my body truly is food, and my blood truly is drink.” 56“Whoever eats my body and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him.” 57“Just as The Living Father has sent me, and I am living because of The Father, whoever will eat me, he also will live because of Me.” 58“This is the bread that came down from Heaven. It is not as your forefathers who ate manna and have died; whoever eats this bread shall live for eternity.”

59These things he said in the synagogue when he taught in Kapernahum.

60And many of his disciples who heard were saying, “This saying is hard. Who is able to hear it?” 61But Yeshua knew in his soul that his disciples were murmuring about this, and he said to them, “Does this subvert you?” 62“Truly you will see therefore The Son of Man ascending to the place where he was from the first.” 63“The Spirit is The Life Giver; the body does not benefit anything. The words that I speak with you are spirit and life.” 64“But there are men among you who do not believe”, for Yeshua himself knew from the first who they were who were not believing and who he was who would betray him. 65And he said to them, “Because of this, I said to you that no man can come to me unless it has been given to him from my Father.”

66Because of this saying, many of his disciples went back and were not walking with him. 67And Yeshua said to the twelve, “Do you also wish to leave?” 68Shimeon Kaypha answered and said, “My Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” 69“And we believe and know that you are The Messiah, The Son of THE LIVING GOD.” 70Yeshua said to them, “Have I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a Satan?” 71But he said this about Yehuda, son of Shimeon Scariota, for he was going to be the one to betray him, being one of the twelve.