Her Vows

She had found his words

By accident. One of the

Unfortunates had

Been selling them as

Pamphlets, and she had picked one

Up while cleaning. She

Regretted that choice

Every day afterward. His

Words had become her

Flesh, they were in her

And she had to touch them. When

The pamphlet was burned,

She scribbled his words

From memory and began

To touch her darkest

Deepest places. Her light

Had been swallowed by darkness.

Who would save her now?

Samael and Salamander

This volcano is

My kingdom. These molten wastes,

My lands. You, young one,

Are my subject. Would

You mock your king? Are you made

Of such stern stuff? I

Know the flame holds no

Fear for you. Your element

It is. Yet can you

Know which beasts will prey

Upon you, hid for eons

Untold in bubbling

Steam? Would you venture

Into the waters outside

This black rock, contend

With the wicked beasts

There do prowl? Come, my child.

Sit by my side. Let

Us speak of many

Things. For you have not been borne

Here by accident,

And I suspect our

Purpose is shared. Together,

End our solitude.

Alien Abduction

You must believe the

Tale which I will tell you. On

My way to work one

Day, suddenly did

I float skyward. Machines did

Slice my clothes from me,

And I was told that

My survival depended

On my coming. No

Choice was there, and so

With my pussy did I fuck

For all it was worth.

The mind and earth and

Universe shattering joy

Of my orgasm

Changed my outlook and

My life forever. And so,

Dear John, with regret

Do I end our long

Engagement. For if the Moon

Men made me come, you

Could have done it, too.

Now in search of pleasures I

Must go, they await.