Joker’s Logic

If you no longer
Wished to play this game, a text
Would have sufficed. “Hey,

Joe, I am picking
You up, back to Arkham.” You
Didn’t have to bust

Down the walls of my
Compound, interrogate my
Henchmen, brutalize

My poor sweet Harley,
That’s my job! Only joking.
I’d lose my head if

She wasn’t around.
Ha. I will admit that I
Crossed boundaries. It’s

In my nature. Did
I shoot Batgirl in the
Spine, strip her nude and

Sodomize her? Did
I torture Gordon with the
Photos of this crime?

You point the finger
At me, but I know you were

Going to do the
Exact same thing, except with
Less panache. I just

Beat you to it, like
I beat old Jason to death.
Same thing, I know you

Thought about it, when
You watched the little jerk. I
See the pistol in

Your hand, and I fear
You’ll do something rash. Please let
Me speak, I am known

To be quite lucid
In times of stress. Batman does
Not kill, every kid

Knows that. So if you
Pull that trigger, the bullet
Goes both ways. Joker

Dies, but so does Bats,
And I’ve grown rather fond of
You, my dear Bruce Wayne.

Please believe I can
Reform; if I am redeemed,
There is hope for you.


Permanently less.

Dependent on you for life.

Your whim, becomes my

Imperative. If

You forgot me, I would die.

Your heart pumps mine too.

Your absence unmoors me

I float high above the ground,


Had I life before

I knew you? Impossible.

Your authority

Is the breath in my

Lungs. If you did desire it,

I would suffocate.

Cloak of Invisibility

With this cloak I did
Accomplish feats of daring,
Legendary. Now

Home in Hobbiton,
The cloak rests, safely locked in
Chest with my sword, Sting.

Yet when I visited
With friends, the queerest feeling
Did befall me. For

It was as if I
Still wore the cloak. For though I
Was present, faded

In their eyes was I.
I was seen, not recognized.
My footfalls, muffled,

My scent, neutralized.
Even Samwise did pass me on
The street; I had to

Shout to catch his ear.
Finally, Gandalf collected
Me, and Hobbiton

I left. No place was
There for me any longer.
The mighty needed

A burglar, and when
The quest was done, the burglar,
Discarded, alone.

Treasure Hunting

I thought I was safe,
And returned to where I had
Hidden my treasure.

Landmarks cannot be
Trusted, for the landscape has
Changed, as I have changed.

My shovel tore a
Hole in the red clay, where the
Prize should have been, but

There was only a
Tunnel. Was it taken by
A robber? I climbed

Down into the hole,
All was darkness. I felt my
Way along the walls.

When my daylight from
Above winked out, my screams did
Not produce a sound.

I kicked something so
Solid; the dull thud told me.
I’d found my treasure,

Without question. Now
I needed one to come and
Dig me out of here.


I should have worried

When she got her steak rare, not

Well, as usual.

Then her playful nips

During sex drew blood. I found

Gnawed table legs, bones strewn,

Now, she’s joined by her

Friends from the neighborhood, who

Howl, scratch, and hunger.


Oven cleaner on
Your babysitter’s forearm
When she misbehaved.

Cat cast out when he
Would not stop watching baby
Brother as he slept.

When the monster’s in
The Bible he is not so
Scary. If you let

Him out, better run.
Stepmother picks and plucks her
Face for hours, then

Rages without stop.
Your nightmare in the daylight
Now, who can save you?

They sold you a tale,
Where crib death was a laughing
Boy, carrying you

To neverland. Now
Peter will not leave, and you
Worry for the kids.