Ham and Noah

Dad got drunk last night.
I saw his real face. Ugly,
Petty, cruel; oh, so small.

Pretend like nothing
Happened. That’s what we always
Do. I can’t; no.

I’m burning up. To
Keep silent will be a chain
On my children’s necks.

Ever bound to do
What he did, whether they want
To or they do not.

I refuse to serve,
To perpetuate this lie;
I will go, alone.


Oven cleaner on
Your babysitter’s forearm
When she misbehaved.

Cat cast out when he
Would not stop watching baby
Brother as he slept.

When the monster’s in
The Bible he is not so
Scary. If you let

Him out, better run.
Stepmother picks and plucks her
Face for hours, then

Rages without stop.
Your nightmare in the daylight
Now, who can save you?

They sold you a tale,
Where crib death was a laughing
Boy, carrying you

To neverland. Now
Peter will not leave, and you
Worry for the kids.