Benno and Bruno

Horses galloping
Over the countryside, five
Four, three, one, no. How

Many times can I
Say it, you lazy spoiled
Brat? Sloppiness, your

Mother’s, must I slap
It out of you? Goddamnit
This makes me mad. You

Have so much wasted
Potential, do I have to
Shake it out of you!


Oven cleaner on
Your babysitter’s forearm
When she misbehaved.

Cat cast out when he
Would not stop watching baby
Brother as he slept.

When the monster’s in
The Bible he is not so
Scary. If you let

Him out, better run.
Stepmother picks and plucks her
Face for hours, then

Rages without stop.
Your nightmare in the daylight
Now, who can save you?

They sold you a tale,
Where crib death was a laughing
Boy, carrying you

To neverland. Now
Peter will not leave, and you
Worry for the kids.


Of my suffering,

You cannot be unaware,

Each morning brings an

Amputation, I

Shall not endure much longer.

Must I neglect the

Beating of my heart

To comfort yours? Shall we dance

An endless jig while

Circling the drain?

I shall not be convinced that

I am the guilty

One, for I have loved

You only, despite what you

Believe. You must now

Release me from these

Chains, so that I may survive,

Ever remaining yours.


You considered my
Words as betrayal and thus
Were justified in

Evicting me from
Every home I had and breaking
My foundation of

Trust. Now we are at
Peace, yet I am unsettled,
Preoccupied by

Thoughts of death, decay,
Violation and

Disaster. How to
Forget, how to feel safe, and
How to return to

Where we were before.
Still I feel you would prefer
A confirmation

Of your phobias,
To their denial, and I
Want to run away.

I find my only
Refuge in silence, hiding
Ammunition for

Your nuclear rage.
I await detonation,
Disarmament a

Fantasy. I fear
Collateral damage. I
Pray for guidance and

Seek comfort in the
Trivia of everyday.
Your love has scarred me.