Treasure Hunting

I thought I was safe,
And returned to where I had
Hidden my treasure.

Landmarks cannot be
Trusted, for the landscape has
Changed, as I have changed.

My shovel tore a
Hole in the red clay, where the
Prize should have been, but

There was only a
Tunnel. Was it taken by
A robber? I climbed

Down into the hole,
All was darkness. I felt my
Way along the walls.

When my daylight from
Above winked out, my screams did
Not produce a sound.

I kicked something so
Solid; the dull thud told me.
I’d found my treasure,

Without question. Now
I needed one to come and
Dig me out of here.

Benno and Bruno

Horses galloping
Over the countryside, five
Four, three, one, no. How

Many times can I
Say it, you lazy spoiled
Brat? Sloppiness, your

Mother’s, must I slap
It out of you? Goddamnit
This makes me mad. You

Have so much wasted
Potential, do I have to
Shake it out of you!


Of my suffering,

You cannot be unaware,

Each morning brings an

Amputation, I

Shall not endure much longer.

Must I neglect the

Beating of my heart

To comfort yours? Shall we dance

An endless jig while

Circling the drain?

I shall not be convinced that

I am the guilty

One, for I have loved

You only, despite what you

Believe. You must now

Release me from these

Chains, so that I may survive,

Ever remaining yours.