Lot’s Wife

Let’s call her Lottie.
She just watched her whole life in
Flames, Sheol on earth.

Her husband offered
Her daughters to be raped to
Appease wickedness.

Sole survivors of
Genocide, and she was left
Alive? Her? How was

She to live? Darkness,
No hint of a savior. She
Wisely turned to salt.

Dame’s Song

I bought the pretty

Widow for a song, and then

We got to smooching

She’d never kissed a

Dame before, and so I broke

Her in. Our time was

Sweet, but had to end, because

Her elder sister,

Just as comely, came

Onto the market,

And her bosoms are to die

For, goodbye widow,

Fare thee well, I know

You’ll do me proud, for I send

You to dear Mamma.

I Sold You, You Sold Me

My lady sold me
Down the road for half of what
I was worth. I got

So mad, I worked twice
As hard, and returned one cold
Night. I bought her up,

And sold her to the
Ugly one eyed Gus she hates.
I had a laugh, but

Got to thinking, went
To fetch her back, But Gus said
“Get to hell!” So I

Started drinking, spent
My money, and ended up
In jail. Two long years,

And she shows up with
A coin purse in her hand and
A wicked grin. I

Couldn’t guess what she
Had in mind, I was so glad
To see her. We killed

Old Gus, and took his
Land, and made a pretty
Penny. Now here we

Sit, and she gets that
Look in her eye again. I
Know I’m on sale soon.