Dreams in the Night

The bright boy with problems got separated from his group. He’s alone in a dark tunnel in the frozen winter. I don my winter gear and proceed into the tunnel to attempt a rescue without scaring him off.

The girl is the daughter of the sister, not the mother. The sister warms to her daughter.

Young lovers laugh. The father returns to put an end to what he thinks is mockery, but is actually not about him at all. He drives a nail into the young man’s back though his shoulder armor.

I think of what a relief it would be to have a nail driven into my back.

The Tower

We were going to

Make a name for ourselves. We

Went up the tower

To say the word, and

Then BOOM! Thunderbolt.

We all got knocked out.

I sat up, and I couldn’t

Say the word. I looked around.

Jack was mumbling. Me?

“Mem.” Billy said “Gol.”

Only a syllable for

Us. We went back down.

Everything fallen.

We went our separate ways.

Scattered forever.