Dark Circus Roleplay

Now the fun has just

Begun, don’t you cry, my pet.

Best of friends we’ll be!

Just wait and see. Lift

Up your skirt and let me see

What you’ve kept from me.

Give me those panties,

Dainty darling, patient I

Am not. Take off that

Sweater, give it here,

Now we’re getting hot. So warm

And squeezy, just like

I like ‘em, cut that

Sniveling snot. Open your

Blouse, unsnap that bra,

That what I’m talking

About! Lose that skirt and spread

Yourself so wide that

I can’t hope to miss.

Oh my what fun! The show is

On, what a circus!


Permanently less.

Dependent on you for life.

Your whim, becomes my

Imperative. If

You forgot me, I would die.

Your heart pumps mine too.

Your absence unmoors me

I float high above the ground,


Had I life before

I knew you? Impossible.

Your authority

Is the breath in my

Lungs. If you did desire it,

I would suffocate.