“Stay out of the mines,”

My mother had always warned,

Words that rang hollow

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

In my ears as I

Cursed my luck and my

Shattered leg. I had

Wanted to prove myself; now

I would die alone

In the dark. With a throat raw

From screaming, I spit

Out the forbidden

Name, “Bearshak.” Water

Dripped into my mouth from some

Unknown source, and I

Stood , and I could see

A fountain lit from

Below. I lapped at the cool

Water, felt my fresh

Grown fur dampen and my snout

Wet. I stood on legs

Strong and hairy. A

Staircase opened before me.

I ascended, the bear

God returned from eons past;

Let humankind weep.

Photo by Gabriele Brancati on Pexels.com

Space Monkey

They all revise my

History as if they were

Always on my side,

But I remember

What I really am to them:

A space monkey, the

One they pinned their dreams

On, kept in a cage, fed drugs,

Forgot on weekends.

Strapped in a tube and

Shot into space. They don’t know

How cold it is here.

Their show of support

Rings hollow as I labor

To save a world

Not my own, drifting

Further from who I am and

My still beating heart.

A space monkey... | Monkey in space, Astronaut artwork, Monkey art

Nick at Nite and the Occult

Just struck by how many old TV shows on Nick at Nite when I was a kid had strange occult premises.

Mr. Ed: a foolish young man and his familiar, a horse

I Dream of Jeannie: astronaut marries a succubus

Bewitched: man married undead crone

My Mother, the Car: haunted automobile harasses bereaved son, impersonating his mother

The Flying Nun: levitation proves problematic for a novice nun


I should have worried

When she got her steak rare, not

Well, as usual.

Then her playful nips

During sex drew blood. I found

Gnawed table legs, bones strewn,

Now, she’s joined by her

Friends from the neighborhood, who

Howl, scratch, and hunger.